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Types of Massages and Their Benefits

When we think of getting a massage, our mind may conjure up images of fancy spas; while massages can certainly be an indulgence, they are also a powerful way to improve our overall health, and relieve symptoms of specific health conditions. There are actually many different forms of massage, with each offering specific health benefits. […]

7 Foods to Eat to Prevent Disease

Most people know what you eat has a big effect on your health, but it can be difficult to find the right foods to keep you healthy. With all the different options out there and new diet fads popping up seemingly overnight, choosing the best options is a challenge. There are certain basic foods, however, […]

Life after Injury: Natural Ways to Soothe the Pain

When you’ve suffered an injury, getting your life back on track can be extremely difficult. There may be post-traumatic stress factors involved, or even legal matters to take on. One of the biggest problems for those who are healing from injury face is the problem of pain. Pain can be a debilitating factor in your […]

Handling the Effects of Food Poisoning Naturally

Food poisoning impacts an estimated 76 million people in the U.S. every year, and this makes it important for everyone to be able to recognize the symptoms so that they can take the proper steps to speed up the recovery process. The most common complications that are associated with food poisoning include diarrhea, vomiting and […]

Improving Your Skin Through Yoga

In the quest to look and feel healthy, many women are turning to the age-old practice of yoga. While the series of exercises has gained a reputation for relieving stress and increasing flexibility, there are many more beneficial side effects that stem from all those stretches and poses. Many participants say yoga gives their skin […]

Second Time Around: Tips on Being a Mommy Again

When you’ve already been a mommy, you probably think that you’re a dab hand at dealing with any issue that pops up with your second time around. However, gadgets and recommendations for children change on a yearly basis, so chances are that you’re out of date even if it’s only a few years down the […]

How My Dad Did It

I am my Daddy’s Little Girl. I might be married with daughters of my own (who are, in turn, their Daddy’s Little Girls), but I will never grow up so much that my dad is not the first person I turn to (when my husband isn’t available) in a crisis. He is the first I […]

Does Nursing Have an Impact on Fertility?

If you recently had a baby, or are planning to have one in the very near future, then you probably heard about the many benefits of breastfeeding. Perhaps you have also heard a few old wives’ tales as well, such as “you cannot become pregnant when you are nursing.” How can you decipher truth from […]

Caution: These Jobs May Negatively Affect Men’s Fertility

If you’re trying for a baby, you’ve probably heard about all the ways you can boost your fertility, and therefore, your chances at conceiving. Watching your intake of alcohol and medicines, maintaining a healthy weight and paying close attention to fertility cycles are all ways to get in the baby game. However, did you realize […]

Spice or Hallucinogen: What Every Parent Should Know

When you think of spices like nutmeg, you may recall favorite baking recipes or even that it helps boost the flavor of your creamed spinach. However, an alarming new trend amongst teenagers is using nutmeg to get high. Smoked, snorted or even ingested with large amounts of water, the high has been compared to marijuana use, […]



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