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Overcoming Your Fear of Prescription Drugs

It’s one of the biggest questions about natural parenting: do I give my baby prescription drugs? This fear starts early in pregnancy, when we are told to avoid anything that might adversely affect our growing child, from caffeine to alcohol to aspirin. Some parents follow those rules to the letter, and then want to carry […]

A Mom’s Love Letter To Her First Born Child

My dearest little baby, I am writing this letter to you as I anxiously await your arrival. Every day I think of so many things I can’t wait to tell you; so many things I can’t wait to share with you; so many things I have been dreaming about since I discovered I would become […]

My Newborn Is Here! Now Where Is The Instruction Manual?

Bringing home your first baby can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. It can also be a bit scary. During the pregnancy, most parents-to-be have a lot of fears and worries surrounding the delivery, but they don’t stop to consider how exhausting and difficult the first few weeks with a newborn […]

5 Healthy Boredom Busters for New Mom and Baby

While tending to an infant can be busy and time consuming, you’ll find that a child’s attention span can be severely limited and boredom can soon set in. Various pieces of equipment and activities such as a playard, infant rocker, jogging stroller and games of peek-a-boo can elicit giggles and relieve boredom for both mom […]

New Teeth, New Pain: Tips on Teething Relief

When your baby is beginning to get in their first teeth, the entire household can become chaotic. The crying, biting, and general unhappiness of the baby can cause everyone to feel awful, which in turn creates more stress. Thankfully, this period of their life will pass fairly quickly. However, during this time it will be […]

Newborn Care: What First Time Moms Need to Know

When you’re the parent of a newborn child, you can often feel slightly overwhelmed about what you need to do to keep them happy, healthy and safe. From their entrance to the world through to taking them home, it’s an exciting and scary time. Though everyone in your life will have advice on what’s best […]

Must Read Tips: Breastfeeding Preparation

There’s no greater joy for a parent than the birth of a child. Preparing for their arrival can help lessen the stress and challenges that typically comes with the birthing process. If you plan on breast-feeding, you’ll enjoy the numerous health benefits associated with it for both you and your child. The following are tips […]

Toxic Toys: Why All Playthings Are Not Equal

With the holidays rapidly approaching, everyone from parents and grandparents to aunts and uncles are loading up on 2013′s hottest toys to delight and surprise the little ones in their lives. More than half the toys purchased in the United States are sold during this time of year. However, the wrong toy can turn a […]

Sick Baby: Helping Your Child Cope With Illness

Regardless of whether your infant has a serious medical condition or is simply dealing with the common cold, it will be important to take steps to help make them feel more secure and comfortable. After all, a baby does not have the rationalization skills to understand what is happening to them, and this can cause […]

Healthy Baby Play: New Mom Fitness Tips

Finding the time to exercise after having a baby can seem like an impossible feat to accomplish. However, incorporating your baby into your exercise regimen can make exercise fun and allow you to spend more time bonding and playing with your child. Mommy and Me Classes Your local fitness club or park district will have […]



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